1962 - It was began as dairy company by family of Süleyman Köseoğlu and Aziz Acar.

1972 - Sunflower Oil Production Plant was established and started operations. 

1978 - Balıkesir Has Un Plant that has a daily capacity of 80 tons, was established.

1994 - Flower Feed Factory that is bovine and ovine feed production plant with 20 tons per hour, was established.

2007 - Balıkesir Has Un Factory was reached to 100 tons by increasing its tonnage.

2012 - 2nd Flour plant that is worked with 400 tons capacity and full automation system was established. At the same time, Quality Control Laboratory was established by accelerating the R & D works. 

2013 - By certified its quality, IS0 9001 AND ISO 22000 Quality Certificates are received. The bulk flour service was provided by purchasing first bulk trailer. Our Balıkesir Un Brand entered to the market.